Well we made it home to Illinois from the store in time for Christmas, but part of that was a 29 hour non-stop driving stint from Idaho, that was a long stretch. It took a lot out of us which is why the blog has not been updated for a few days.

Let's see what has happened, well we got through Christmas and have been trying to reorganize the house to accomodate being the US distribution point for the business. Part of the reworking of the house is to refit the room in the basement so it can be made into yarn storage and a work room.  So I will be doing a little construction for the next few days. We have got some orders into the online store, I will not steal Beth's thunder about these, I figure she wants to blog more about them.

We are looking forward to getting more customers in the new year and hope to kick off a discussion forum.

 December 7th... (no I will not resort to making light of the date)

Today is the first day for our site going live! YAY!!!

My blog is to take a look at the world of knitting, owning a yarn store, and making this all work from the viewpoint of a non-knitter (well actually I can knit enough to make both Beth and Lorysa cringe).