Mitered Magnificence Shawl

This beautiful shawl, designed by Beth Humphreys,  can be made in a single yarn or a combination of luxury yarns.  This is the perfect project for any novelty yarns you have in your stash, and is very effective using the 'Magic Ball' technique or using a yarn such as Prism's Stuff. 

While looks like your typical triangular shawl, it is unique in that it is knit from the outside edge towards the center. You use decreases at the center point and outer edges to form the shape. This forms the unique miter pattern as you change yarns. The nice thing about this is that each row gets shorter as you work, so it seems to get faster as you near completion!


Knit Three Together
Designer Name: 
Beth Humphreys
Item Type: 
Yarn type used: 
Various Novelty yarns

US $7.00