Inventory ... ARRRG

One of the more arduous tasks of running a yarn store is trying to keep track of inventory... I really should be working on those inventory reports right now, but instead I am choosing to complain about it here... Once a year, we have to do a physical count of everything that we have to ensure that what the computer says we have and what we actually have match up... Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  So right now I am sitting here with my coffee and my laptop, inputting in countless sheets of numbers from our manual count of product, which invariably does NOT match what the computer says we have.  As I said before... ARRRGGG!

On a brighter point... For those of you who have been reading the yarn widower's comments, and caught his nearly endless whining.. er... I mean gentle pressure... to get a new pair of slippers for Christmas, I am happy to report that he did indead receive those slippers, (I made the Fibertrends Felted Clogs) although they were not yet felted and the second one in fact was still in UFO form.  I tried to felt them in our fancy front loading washing machine... and after 2 runs through, they are still not felted to my satisfaction, so I guess that it is off to my friend's house where there is a top loading machine and I can felt the slipppers that I made for Stephen and Lorysa properly and enjoy a nice glass of wine with Jean.  Ok so I miss my old washer... but having to go felt with friend has it's perks as well!