Home at last.. and ready to start

 As I start this blog, I sit here, in my new home, with my cats beside me and the large number of boxes yet to be unpacked and organized beckoning. (I'm trying to ignore those... to no avail)

We finally got the last of our stuff out here on Sunday night, on the last ferry onto the island that day and collapsed into bed at 11pm after what can only be described as a marathon of moving over the last three and a half months.
DH (otherwise known as the Yarn Widower) had to go to work the next day and I feel for him as I think he is still recovering from the last drive out west.
Now all I have to do if get the truck unpacked.
This is what some of it looked like as we were packing the truck in Illinois. Most of what went on this load was boxes, and stuff out of the garage. The main furniture cam out here in Feb on the first truckload out. We had to leave some things behind as we just couldn't fit it into the truck, but most of those were things that we couldn't fit into the new house anyway. I have discovered that it truly is difficult to move into a house half the size and still retain all of your stuff... even when the DD has moved her stuff into her own apartment along the way.
I have also discovered that I am basically a hoarder. Not in the TV sense of the person who has trash everywhere in her house... but in the sense that I have never met a yarn or scrapbook supply that I didn't love/want/need to have. I am able to throw out many things... but craft supplies are another story entirely... So here's my challenge. Follow along with me as I try to sort through and organize my stash. My studio room is also our guest room so I have to figure out a way to make it work so that I am not embarrassed to have people over while still being able to be creative. I'll post pics as I go along