Diary of a Yarn Widower

 December 7th... (no I will not resort to making light of the date)

Today is the first day for our site going live! YAY!!!

My blog is to take a look at the world of knitting, owning a yarn store, and making this all work from the viewpoint of a non-knitter (well actually I can knit enough to make both Beth and Lorysa cringe).


Diary of a Yarn Widower - Ch. 8

Well I finally made it to British Columbia to meet up with Beth and Lorysa; it was a strange remake of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles... A taxi to the Metra (surburban) train station, the train to the O'Hare Airport station, a shuttle bus to the O'Hare Airport Transit System, the ATS to Terminal 1, next a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles, then a flight to San Francisco, and finally a commuter jet to Victoria!

I started my day's journey at 3AM CST and finished around 10 PM for a grand total of 21 hours on the road and all I can say is that it was worth it to see Beth and Lorysa.

We stopped by the store on the way home from the airport and it looks all Christmasy with the decorations and full of new yarns, samples, and products. Makes even a bad knitter like me take interest.

Diary of a Yarn Widower - Ch. 7

Well yesterday was a learning experience, no I do not mean that in the negative way.  I learned how to do some things I had never had to do before.

Yesterday I created Twitter accounts (they are YARN4SALE and YARNFORSALE) for the site so I can tweet about things related to this site and the store. I am becoming socially networked, I do believe this is a good thing!

After the Twitter introduction, I worked with the search engines to get us listed and did the back and forth of the confirmation e-mail tango with the registration servers.  I definitely not the world's best dancer but the setup-send-answer e-mail-click link cha cha cha seems to be a very popular dance on the registration side.

So now people we have a web presence, come and give us a look and check out our social network connections too.

Diary of a Yarn Widower - Ch. 6

Well I though I would try and make myself useful to the store today and do some website maintenance.  That involved a lot of finding the right place to make the changes and about 30 seconds of making the actual changes.

Also looked into listing us on the search engines and setting up search terms in the site pages; learned a little about the ins and outs of working with Google as a merchant. They are a big and pretty full featured web conglomerate.

Last webby thing I did was to post the link to this site on my FaceBook page, and wouldn't you know it, one of my friends saw it and commented on it.  Well at least I am getting attention.

I call myself a yarn widower, but it has been pretty true with Beth and Lorysa working away on the content and details of getting our store in place I do not get a lot of their time at the moment.  I suppose I should be stoic and bear it quietly, but it is more fun to pout publicly about it.

Diary of Yarn Widower - Ch. 5

So I just read Beth's blog and she has come out about her yarn dependency.  I have been trying to get her into Rehab fot this condition, but she keeps telling me it is not a bad thing and to see the positive side of it.

Well I do suppose that getting knitwear from her is a good thing, however she does spend a lot of time on this knitting and yarn stuff. If I am really honest about it I have to admit that she is very good at it and I cannot really complain despite feeling like it is expected of me.  I mean really, what is a yarn widower supposed to do?

Diary of a Yarn Widower - Ch. 4

I was sitting at the keyboard today thinking on what I could relate as a YW (yarn-widower) or FC (fiber challenged) individual married to and father of serious and talented knitters.  Then it came to me, I remember the first show I attended with Beth where she was not exhibiting; it was the TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) show in Columbus, OH.

Going to that tradeshow, which is for shop owners and other commercial fiber industry types is a little bit different from a show for consumers.  I have to admit there were some interesting booths and vendors. Lots of products for the technically minded, machines for creating knit and woven goods, software for design, store management, etc. Despite expecting to feel totally "widowered" at the show it was interesting and entertaining; well it was also tiring to walk the show floor.

After the revelation that shows are not all bad for a non-knitter, I learned that I can sometimes get a glimpse into the world of the fiber-loving.

Diary of a Yarn Widower - Ch. 3

Well there was a small hiccup while getting to live with the site and it is now resolved, that was a relief.

The weatherman seems to have overstated the amount of snow we to expect; although snow would be a good thing as it makes people want to knit and make warm things (ok, so that is just my thought).  I am pleased in any case that I only had to clear the snow once today and not make it a several hour job.

I have been working on getting a new pair of felted slippers for Christmas from my favorite knitter, you know who you are.  They are really comfortable and I miss the pair I had, I loved them to pieces. If you have never had a pair I recommend them.

Looks like I will be in the store for a day or two and get to watch the other widowers as they come through, we all nod to each other in recognition.  Sometimes we even make jokes about the size of the stash back at our homes, but not too loudly as it can get us in hot water.

Diary of a Yarn Widower - Ch. 1

 It was a dark and stormy night... well actually it wasn't stormy and most nights are usually dark, except during those summers north of the arctic circle; but I digress.


I am finally putting pen to electronic paper and writing about the tribulations of being a yarn widower. I think if there was a dictionary definition of a yarn widower it would be a spouse or partner of an avid (you could probably say rabid) knitter, who is either a weak or non-knitter themselves. A yarn widower is found following their "significant other" around yarn shops, shows, and craft fairs trying to appear engaged while the knitter is totally consumed with yarn fever.  

Given that there are a loads of football widows, the existence of yarn widowers is probably the universe exerting some sense of cosmic balance.  When I look at it that way I probably have to be a little zen about it and hold the shopping bags and pay the bill at checkout.

It is not all negative being married to a yarn zealot, you get the occasional gift, new slippers, a sweater, etc. and in my case it does keep my wife occupied during long car trips.

Well this is probably enough of my insights for an initial entry.  Look forward to more from this widower!


Diary of a Yarn Widower - Ch. 2

In the full light of being a blogger for two whole days now, I am actually enjoying this; it is a challenge to come up with material about what is going on that walks the fine line between interesting and too personal.  Right now the website is looking a little funny, the pages are not quite rendering fully, all of the content is there but it is spread out across the entire screen and everything is pretty much on a white background.  Not really too concerned as the technical team doing the implementation are very responsive and good at what they do.

I look forward to people commenting on the blogs (this one plus the ones Beth and Lorysa will be starting.

Today has been a bit of a waiting game, we are supposed to get a snow storm with anywhere from 5 to 11 inches of snow; it has not started to come down yet, but the forecasters are telling us it will. I guess that I put the jinx on myself with that goofy dark and stormy night opening to Chapter 1, I should have known better.

I am not so much of a yarn widower at the moment as living alone, Beth and Lorysa are working at the store and I am taking care of the pets at the house in the Midwest. I guess it is the single life, it certainly is quiet!