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Home at last.. and ready to start

 As I start this blog, I sit here, in my new home, with my cats beside me and the large number of boxes yet to be unpacked and organized beckoning. (I'm trying to ignore those... to no avail)

Inventory ... ARRRG

One of the more arduous tasks of running a yarn store is trying to keep track of inventory... I really should be working on those inventory reports right now, but instead I am choosing to complain about it here... Once a year, we have to do a physical count of everything that we have to ensure that what the computer says we have and what we actually have match up...

Diary of a Yarn Widower - Ch. 9

Well we made it home to Illinois from the store in time for Christmas, but part of that was a 29 hour non-stop driving stint from Idaho, that was a long stretch. It took a lot out of us which is why the blog has not been updated for a few days.

Stitches and Stakes Ch.1 Salvation in a Second Hand Book Store

Today is a dark snowy day in the small seaside town of Sidney. I am here to help the store through the Christmas rush as well as entry the inventory(which seems to change itself whenever you blink) on to our Website that you see here.

So two days ago I finished the first of the Blue Bloods series. Normally I find it hard to get sleep when I am reading a book( due to the fact that I don't know when to put it down most nights). I now find myself in a even worse predicament.

Stitches and Stakes

Stitches and Stakes is about two of the great loves of my life, knitting and everything about vampires  that I can get my hands on.

Confessions of a Yarn Dealer

OK so I am a dealer... All of my friends know it.  I have been known to surrepitiously sell bags of the stuff out of my garage when the husbands were looking the other way, I encourage my friends to add to their stash and I have publically made it my mission in life to create more addicted knitters and yarn-a-holics wherever I go.  So what's wrong with that?   After all, as yarn addicts, we can create lots of soft and cozy knitwear... and it keeps our hands busy.... so what if the kids go hungry while we complete that last row...

Diary of a Yarn Widower

 December 7th... (no I will not resort to making light of the date)

Today is the first day for our site going live! YAY!!!

My blog is to take a look at the world of knitting, owning a yarn store, and making this all work from the viewpoint of a non-knitter (well actually I can knit enough to make both Beth and Lorysa cringe).