Confessions of a Yarn Dealer

OK so I am a dealer... All of my friends know it.  I have been known to surrepitiously sell bags of the stuff out of my garage when the husbands were looking the other way, I encourage my friends to add to their stash and I have publically made it my mission in life to create more addicted knitters and yarn-a-holics wherever I go.  So what's wrong with that?   After all, as yarn addicts, we can create lots of soft and cozy knitwear... and it keeps our hands busy.... so what if the kids go hungry while we complete that last row... and who really minds if we twitch in the night murmering in our sleep about the merits of different fibers or stitches? 

Am I really contributing to the downfall of our society? I don't think so.  Yes, I'll argue until I am blue in the face over the benefits of alpaca over acrylic.  And I'll always be willing to push .. er... I mean encourage the purchase of high grade ... I mean high quality product.  But look at the benefits to society...  It keeps us addicted yarnies busy...  and mostly out of trouble.  We can create the most fantastic and fun pieces of clothing, blankets and artworks.  And we have fun.  So I will choose to ignore any arguments to the contrary and continue to encourage the propagation of this addiction... 

After all isn't that what dealers do?